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A Reflection: 2 Months into Self Employment

It took me about 12 months. From the moment I decided I wanted to be self employed, to the day I actually sat down at my desk as my own boss. 12 months of dreaming, telling myself that I’d be better off on my own than working for somebody else. Telling myself that there was no way I couldn’t make ends meet doing my own work. Then, the day I finally sat down on my own, at my own desk, it hit me. I don’t have a paycheck coming into my account this Friday. I really need to freaking work now! So, Read more [...]

Putting a Finger on Career Transition

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This post is a featured Guest Post written by Tina Jindal, a professional content writer who works on a variety of topics like employment, real estate, and education.  You can contact her @Gmail | LinkedIn | Google+. Enjoy! Bill Cosby once said that you don’t really reinvent yourself but get better with what you do. True to the very last word, the entire enterprise of career transition is based on evolution and acceptance. A highly daunting process for first timers, changing your line of work Read more [...]

Using Facebook Advertising to Sell My eCourse

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About a month ago, I finished my first online course on Internet Marketing - and I'm super excited.  The course discusses 7 different strategies that I've successfully used on both Blind Surprise and Cool Things Addict to drive hundreds of thousands of visitors, without any SEO skills.  The course goes into detail on how to run a successful email marketing campaign, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and others. Right as I launched the course, I received over 1,000 student sign-ups, Read more [...]

How I Grew My Email List from 0 to 700 in One Week

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I've been playing around with social media contests and tricks to grow my email list for months now.  I've read lots of blog posts, tons of advice from 'experts' explaining the best way to use Facebook to grow your email list.  I'm not somebody who looks to grow their email list with SEO (just too slow), and I didn't want to use any SoloAds (just because that all seems expensive and scammy to me).  I've spent WAY too much money trying to promote posts, run contests, and other ways to give money Read more [...]

The Best Social Plugin Ever

They say that for every post you write on your blog or website, you should spend triple the amount of time marketing the post as you do writing it.  This of course includes sharing it on all your social media pages, and sharing it on all the networks you're involved with in order to drive traffic. I've tried probably 20 or so social plugins to help optimize the time spent on sharing across all these platforms, and finally found one that is freaking awesome to use and saves me hours and hours Read more [...]

The Launch of My New Website – A Stab at Affiliate Earnings

As a reader of my blog, you know by now that I run a company called Blind Surprise – a subscription box that works with up-and-coming product designers, artists, and unique brands.  As part of our sourcing, we spend countless hours every month researching the internet for cool products to feature in our subscription box, and we only select 4 or 5 products monthly.  We have very specific needs – a product that fits in our 8x8x3 box that MSRPs for around $25.  Along the way, though, we find Read more [...]