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7 Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic Today

Everybody involved in making money online knows that the key is always, always TRAFFIC.  You can have the best converting website in the world, with tons of up-sells and ways to make money, but if nobody is coming to your site, it's worthless.  On the flip side, if a million people a day are coming to your website, but it isn't converting at all, you also won't be making money - but altering your website to convert better is much easier than getting traffic to your site in the first place. Traffic Read more [...]

9 Great Businesses Started in College Dorms

college fund
  One of the biggest reasons that I write this blog is to help motivate college students to start their own businesses.  When 18 year old kids get to college, oftentimes they really have no idea what they are looking for or what their ultimate goals are - and I can relate.  The focus is usually going out and meeting new people, and then all the sudden you wake up and your 6 months from graduation with no real plan or idea what to do next.  So, the logical next step, which has been the Read more [...]

7 eCommerce Accounts you Must Follow on Twitter

Since it's launch, Twitter has become an overwhelming web of content creators and sharers.  It gets to a point where your Twitter feed is so active and busy, great content is just passing by and getting lost in the mix of garbage you follow as well.  I wanted to go ahead and put together a list for all of us eCommerce buffs of accounts that are essential to follow in order to stay in the know, and never miss a beat on eCommerce hacks, trends, and news.  Check out these accounts, and add them to Read more [...]

5 Ways to Make Money Online

Make Money Online
The vision is clear - you want to be able to earn money through the internet.  It's so much more fun to earn money online from a local Dunkin Donuts than it is to sit in an office for 45 hours a week doing work that especially unfulfilling getting some other guy rich.  But where do you start?  The internet is large, and there's tons of ways to earn revenue. So for those of you who think starting an online store is way too difficult (you're wrong, but I digress), and want to find another method Read more [...]

How I Started a Six Figure Online Business Selling Mystery Boxes

No beating around the bush, eCommerce is tough.  There's a lot of competition, and it's tough to really think of a unique idea that will draw attention.  SEO is hard, understanding paid advertising is hard, it's all hard!  But let me tell you a secret - the toughest part about eCommerce is getting started!  If you are willing to take that leap and start building your own online business, you already have a step up on 99.99999999% of the rest of the world who just thinks it's a cool idea. When Read more [...]

Why You Should Accept Returns on Your Ecommerce Store

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When somebody lands on your eCommerce store and puts in their credit card information, it is a sign of trust.  They trust your business, your webpage, and are willing to provide you with some of their most valued information in order to receive a product from you.  Really it's amazingly flattering.  We have sold many Blind Surprise boxes since launching, and still after every purchase email I receive, I'm sort of surprised that another person trusted our business! The refunds and returns section Read more [...]

How I Paid for my Vegas Trip in Vegas

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We were a couple of months into launching Blind Surprise.  The sales were a bit sluggish, and I was starting to think that my revenue goals for the month were starting to become unrealistic.  It was Monday, and on Wednesday I had a flight to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother and cousin's graduations.  But in order to really enjoy the trip, I figured that I had to come up with a great marketing plan for the weekend. We had been busting our ass for the first couple of months since launch, but Read more [...]