Why TODAY Is the Perfect Day to Start Your Online Business



If you’re reading this blog, you either have already started your own online business, or you’re in the process of considering it.  Since I started my first eCommerce venture, I’ve spoken to literally thousands of people about what I’m doing and my reasons behind it.  And as you would expect – I hear all sorts of feedback, ranging from how awesome it is to see my passion for my business, to responses that might as well say “alright you bum, you should probably stick to an 8-5 day job.”  Regardless of the response, there’s always a ton that I’d like to say, but usually just nod my head or continue on with my life.  So let me use this opportunity to explain why today is the best day to start your own business.

Starting a business Is flat our scary.  You initially have a lot of decisions to make that are completely life altering – the first being, do I leave my job and pursue this full time, spending about 20 hours a day on my business, or stay at my job and do it on the side, spending about 45 minutes a day on it.   Do I make the move
from a reliable paycheck every 2 weeks to the life where money can be unpredictable at times, and you often feel bad taking a paycheck when the company could use the money more.


So, let me explain why today is the best day to start your business:

  •  Tools – today, there are more resources than ever to assist you along your path of entrepreneurship.  Every single step of the way, there are resources, that are typically free, to help you get over that hump.  As a result, starting an online business on a shoestring budget is 100% doable.  I promise you that today, you could buckle down and start a business for under $100.  Whether it is an eCommerce store, Amazon Sellers account, or a money making blog, there are tools, such as this blog itself, that can help you through each step of the process affordably.
  • Risk – taking that very first step gives you an advantage over 99.999% of the people in this world who consider starting a business, and this is the best barrier to entry ever.  Almost every single person that comes up with an idea for a business never gets past the idea stage.  And this is the best competitive advantage ever for entrepreneurs.  They took that leap and decided to put their idea into action.  The difference between entrepreneurs and idea generators is entrepreneurs cash the checks, and idea people say “DAMN I totally thought of that idea 2 years ago!!” – sucks for you.
  • Money – it is easier than EVER to spend money right now.  With the mobile apps like Venmo and Paypal that allow you to send money around in the click of a button, money is flying.  We live in a 17 billion dollar economy and the money is just falling.  These are not the days where you need to build a fancy store and market to your community to get people in the door – you can literally build an online store today and start selling to any of the billions of people around the world with an internet connection.  So, build your net and start catching some of that 17 billion dollars that is falling fast.
  • The Network – by starting a business, you will ultimately open tons of doors for yourself.  You will undoubtably meet more and more people, all of which want you to succeed.  Entrepreneurs like success stories, not failure stories, so the help you will receive from your network (not just now, but forever) is invaluable.  I promise you that once you start your business, and you talk to others that are considering it, you will offer a helping hand.  There is nothing like helping somebody else avoid the mistakes you made during your starting phase.

My last reason for you to start your own business today is this – YOU are in control.  The success of your business is completely up to you, so if you are confident in your idea and your drive, you will find success.  Building a successful online company is far FAR from easy, but when things aren’t working well, you will always be able to blame yourself, and when things are great and the cash is coming in, you will have YOU to thank.

So, if you haven’t started your online business yet, what is holding you back? Tell me, and let’s get over this hurdle and on to independent success!

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