Signs that it’s Time To Start a Business

Is it time for you to take that leap of faith?

I’m sure everybody can relate – you have friends that say things like “Hey – listen to this idea!” and spatter off a decent idea and then forget about it. And then occasionally, they’ll see that idea come to fruition and come back with “They stole my idea!!! I told you that was a great idea!”

There’s a massive difference between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.  There’s people that occasionally think of a neat idea and then move on with their life, and then there are those who constantly work to generate new ideas and act on them.  And let me tell you – once you become one of the people who starts acting, it is terribly painful to listen to the idea generators sputter off ideas that you know they will allow to sizzle away (along with all the rest of their creativity and energy).

Creating and building a better life for yourself requires guts and requires motivation.  Big change is necessary to transition from an idea generator to an entrepreneur.  Here are 7 hints that it is time for you to start that new business and build yourself a better life.

Signs That it’s Time To Start A Business

1.  You’re HUNGRY to Make a Name for Yourself and Feel Successful

I’ve always thought that the definitiion of success is one of toughest questions ever.  What is success?  Is it making millions, or is it buying that first house?  In my eyes, success is feeling internally that you have accomplished something great, and being proud of yourself.  I can tell you from personal experience that it is tough to reach that level of accomplishment at a standard job.  If you’re at work, and know that you are built for greater things, it’s probably time to start building that vehicle to take you there.  I would lie awake at night dying to have a successful business, and knowing that the only way for me to really be proud of myself was to start working hard on my own project – I literally could not wait.

2.  You don’t feel FULFILLED at work

I spent many days at work feeling empty, for lack of a better word.  I was doing my job, and felt like I was doing literally nothing to better myself or the world.  I had reached a point where not only was I no longer developing personal skills, but I felt like I was unraveling – getting dumber.  And I know that the majority of people working around me felt the same.  There is NOTHING more fulfilling that starting your own business and building it to success.

3.  Your Goal is NOT Retirement

Retiring is a goal that corporate slaves have.  Build up that 401K, reach 65 and retire and sit back.  If that sounds miserable to you, then entrepreneurship is probably the right step to take.  Personally, I don’t see myself even stopping to work.  I have too many damn ideas going through my head for fun businesses to start that I don’t know if I even can stop.   My goal is to build great businesses and have a blast while doing it – not to count down the days of the calendar until my sentence is over and I can finally retire!

4.  You Find Yourself Wasting Time

I’m not going to say that watching TV shows is a waste of time, but it certainly can be unproductive if you’re not studying them to become a Hollywood writer.  People enjoy numbing their mind, and watching TV does nothing but numb it.  When we started Blind Surprise, we both had full time jobs.  All we did to make time for the business was cut down on our time-wasting activities, and start using them productively.  I promise you – it is much much more fun to build a profitable business than it is to watch an HBO drama.

5.  You want to wake up in the morning excited for the day

There’s a big difference between waking up in the morning and feeling “Hell ya! Another day!” and “Hell….yeah. Another day.”  If you’ve had to many mornings of the later, it’s time to make an adjustment in your life.  My co-founder at Blind Surprise started off by working 3 days a week for her old job, and 2 days a week dedicated to our business.  And her experiences in the mornings when she was going to her old job compared to our business were drastically different.  Steve Jobs said it best during his Stanford Commencement speach – “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

Of course, I always am trying to motivate people to start businesses.  Oftentimes, it’s just because I want to have a larger network of people to bounce ideas off and to pursue great ideas with.  So, am I writing the above article selfishly?  Perhaps – but take a look in the mirror and decide if you fit any of the above descriptions.  The worst thing that can happen from starting a business is that you fail, and maybe miss a few episodes of that TV show.


Photo thanks to Javier Morales on Flickr

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