How I Paid for my Vegas Trip in Vegas

Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn on Flickr

We were a couple of months into launching Blind Surprise.  The sales were a bit sluggish, and I was starting to think that my revenue goals for the month were starting to become unrealistic.  It was Monday, and on Wednesday I had a flight to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother and cousin’s graduations.  But in order to really enjoy the trip, I figured that I had to come up with a great marketing plan for the weekend.

We had been busting our ass for the first couple of months since launch, but it didn’t seem like we were going to propel as we had wanted, but my Co-Founder kept telling me “The hard work will pay off, just keep pushing.”  So Wednesday rolled around, and I didn’t execute on any of the marketing plans I wanted to launch before my Vegas trip, literally nothing.  I figured we’d slug through the weekend and brainstorm hard on Monday to come up with a great plan.  (It was the weekend of Mother’s Day

Las Vegas

Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn on Flickr

As I’m hitting the tables and starting my trip, I get a text message from Ali (co-Founder) saying “Hey Josh – not to disturb your trip, but somebody from the International Business Times did a write up about us, and we’re blowing up!”  And just like that, things changed fast.  For the rest of the weekend, we had record days of sale every day as we were featured on a list of “10 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day”.  And we hit our sales goals for the month prior to the 10th.  And then, a couple days later, NBC News reached out to us, and wanted to include us in a list of 9 Uniquely Awesome Subscriptions, and sales took off again.

The point of this post isn’t to brag.  The point is that building up an online store is freaking tough.  There’s a trillion websites out there, so getting people to land on your site is a challenge.  For the first couple of months after launch, I really did doubt our business.  I knew we had a cool idea, but really didn’t know how to market it.  I was doing everything the “experts” said to online, but didn’t seem to be seeing any traffic.  But then, the efforts we put forth started paying off and we were recognized.  If you have a strong idea, you will eventually see the much deserved traffic start hitting your store.  But, it won’t be overnight, that’s for sure. You need to get your name out and invest the time and energy to have your logo and brand be seen multiple times by your target audience.  You won’t get rich on instinct purchases, but rather on persistent marketing and brand development.

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