Online Shopping Habits – Men vs Women


In this age of messaging overload, we consume thousands of emails, social messages, articles, websites and marketing materials each and every day. However, the infographic has found a cozy little spot in our hearts, considering it breaks down complex information and puts it in a fun and understandable format. Since online store owners constantly crave additional information on customers, it’s essential to learn about how your customers tick and how their personal tendencies lead to more money in your pocket.

This infographic comes from the folks at Ecommerce Platforms, and it takes two groups, men and women, and outlines the core, distinct differences in their online shopping habits. You may know quite a bit about how your male and female customers differ, based on your Google Analytics data and other sources, but a broader look into the two sexes reveals some interesting information that all online shop owners can use.

For example, female shoppers are more likely to plan out their shopping strategies and make their purchases based on future needs. Whereas male shoppers have shown a strong tendency to purchase items or services when the need is immediate. Even a simple observation like this could be enough to make a change in your business. Maybe you could provide a wishlist feature for your female customers to plan out how they plan on spending their money in the future. Maybe your store could use a Google Ads campaign, targeting certain keywords, to grab those last minute male shoppers.

Regardless, the information in this infographic shows store owners a glimpse into the tendencies of male and female shoppers, allowing you to quickly understand how they move through your store, without taking up too much of your precious time. We encourage you to share this infographic with people in your organization, and hold a meeting to discuss what changes can be made in your online store after viewing these revelations.


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