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As I was starting my blog, a method I used to get strong back-links and help get my name out was guest posting.  Guest posting takes lots of time, because you have to find people willing to publish your coffeeposts on their site, and also write great content!  But at the end of the day, if you start a blog and nobody knows who you are, nobody’s going to read your content.  So, writing guest posts is key.  Here are some of the posts that I’ve written to drive thousands of visitors to my website, and help build a name for myself.  Some of these sites have very high page ranks, so great great back-links.  All drove traffic (different amounts of course) and all took me hours to write and prepare, but helping build my email list and my name.

1. (Google Pagerank 4) – The Best 2 Hours I Ever Spent on My Business

2. (Google Pagerank 8) – The Pros and Cons of Running a Subscription Service

3. (Google Pagerank 4) – 4 Automated Marketing Mistakes that Will Cost You

4.  DuctTapeMarketing (Google Pagerank 5) – 4 Great Tools for Marketing Automation

5,  Doubt the Doubts Podcast – Non-Traditional Marketing for Success

6. Launch, Grow, Joy (Pagerank 4) – Five Reasons You Should Consider the Subscription Model for Your Business

7.  PlanDay Blog (Pagerank 3) – How to Turn an Angry Customer into a Happy Buyer

8.  PickTheBrain (Pagerank 5) – Develop a Habit, Create a Lifestyle

9.  PickTheBrain (Pagerank 5) – Leave Town, and Spark Creativity

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  1. katherine frangos

    Hi Josh,

    I’m really intrigued by your story. It sounds like you are having a nice independent break from living the typical norms of a cubicle. Glad to see that you like to leave room for travel too.

    I’m interested in your blog because you address a lot of interesting information for retailers, ecommerce and internet trends.
    Before I tell you my inquiry, I should introduce myself.

    I am working for Planday, which is a SaaS workforce management software which helps businesses manage their scheduling, HR, salary reporting, and communications. They’re located in Denmark, but we’re growing in other markets such as the UK and the US. We have a lot of potential and we’re excited to continue showing the world our product. See our recent techcrunch mention here-

    I’m writing for Planday’s blog and I wanted to contact you because I’m on the look out for independent ecommerce bloggers like yourself. Many of our customers are in retail world and would find your experience and information helpful. We’ve featured other guest bloggers before and helped attract more visits to their sites and social media and google plus. (

    I would love to arrange a guest post with you. Would you be interested? At the moment, I can give you my Skype name and we can chat about what to write and what you need. What do you think?

    Hope to collaborate with you soon.
    Katherine Frangos


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