How I Grew My Email List from 0 to 700 in One Week

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I’ve been playing around with social media contests and tricks to grow my email list for months now.  I’ve read lots of blog posts, tons of advice from ‘experts’ explaining the best way to use Facebook to grow your email list.  I’m not somebody who looks to grow their email list with SEO (just too slow), and I didn’t want to use any SoloAds (just because that all seems expensive and scammy to me).  I’ve spent WAY too much money trying to promote posts, run contests, and other ways to give money to Zuckerberg with no return.  I mean – I was getting freaking discouraged.

So – after many failed attempts at running social media contests to grow my email list, I finally put together a campaign for website that features cool things to buy online that has been HIGHLY successful, cheap, and I’ll certainly use it over and over again.  I’ve been running the contest so far for 1 week, and I have gained 354 FB fans.  Additionally, I’ve grown my email list from ZERO to 672 emails.  In short – I’m freaking PUMPED and all of this was with $35.66 of Facebook Advertising Funds!!


Essentially, I paid about 5 cents per email, and 10 cents per FB like.  I’ll take that all day.  So – here is the main adjustment I made differentiating this campaign from all my previous flops – EXTREMELY SPECIFIC TARGETING! 


  1. First off, I use an app called WooBox to manage my Facebook giveaways.  Essentially, WooBox helps you easily create any sort of contest (Giveaway, PinToWin, Photo Contest, whatever).  When you create a contest on WooBox, they give you a landing page within Facebook for people to enter (check out mine for the contest described above here).  When people enter your contest by giving you their email, there is also a LIKE button right there, which they don’t have to click, but probably feel inclined to.  So, you are usually getting an email address, as well as a FB like. 
  2. Within WooBox, you’re able to set up contests so that if somebody shares your contest, they receive bonus entries for every one of their Facebook friends that enters.  For the contest I’m describing above, this has resulted in 358 shares, and nearly 11,000 entires (the rules I setup give 2 bonus entries for each FB friend with no limits, so very lenient).
  3. Once I create the contest, I put together a post detailing the rules of the post VERY SIMPLY. I include the giveaway, and exactly what the user needs to do in order to enter and share, and then an enticing picture.  Here is my current promotion:
  4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION – THIS IS WHAT HAS DIFFERENTIATED THIS CONTEST FROM MY FLOPS: TARGETING!! I am targeting an extremely specific group of people for this ad.  There is a Facebook account I know of where the lady who runs the account just posts coupons and giveaways, and her fans love it.  So, since I am running a giveaway here, I figured they may be inclined to enter, and I was right.  I am ONLY targeting people who like this one Facebook account – nothing more at all.  And this is what I attribute to my success.

I’m going to keep on running this ad, and run similar ads forever (and may run more than one at a time).  For a couple of dollars a day, this is a fantastic ROI for me – my website traffic has increased nicely, social engagement is up, and my emails are driving much more traffic.

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