How to Get your First 1000 Twitter Followers


You’ve started a blog or online store, and know that social media is a tool you MUST utilize in order to gain traction and drive traffic to your website.  But, nobody is listening to you now.  You’re tweeting, but only have friends and family following you, and even if they retweet your content to their 130 followers, woopdidoo!!!  That sure as hell isn’t going to get your traffic where you need it.

So, here is my method for building your twitter following – and it sure as hell works AND drives traffic to your website.

Here are the goals of building your Twitter following:

  1. Get a lot of people to follow you
  2. Post content so that a lot of these people will see your posts, be enticed, and click to your website
  3. Keep your followers/following ratio high so that it makes you appear credible

First off, you need to start following some people that are YOUR COMPETITORS.  For example, if you are selling tissue paper, you want to follow Kleenex.  Why?  Because tons of your potential customers follow Kleenex.  Next, you want to start following Kleenex’s followers – A LOT OF THEM.  What I typically do is follow about 300-500 people daily that follow my competitors.  And then guess what happens? About 30-40% of these people follow me back!  So think about it this way – if you follow 2000 people a week that are interested in your niche, then you can build up to 800 new followers weekly.

Just think about that – before I started with this method, I was literally lingering around 100 followers on my Twitter accounts with no freaking idea what to do.  Then, I started adding the heck out of people who follow my competition, and BAM – traction!  The other great thing I noticed is that about 15-20% of these people click on my website link on my twitter page and check out my website.  So to go even further, if you add 2000 people weekly from Twitter, that’s 800 new followers, and 160 new pageviews.  Not bad huh?

This is a lot of work, though – a LOT of clicking.  The day that I discovered the tool TweetAdder, my life changed.  TweetAdder does all of this for me now.  I set filters based on keywords or other people on twitter, and TweetAdder automatically adds a set number of people daily, so my twitter following just continues to grow and grow.

But – with this method, you are going to be following WAY more people than follow you.  And this is bad – your credibility is completely screwed if you follow 50,000 people and have 5,000 followers.  Which is why TweetAdder is even greater – it has a tool that AUTOMATICALLY unfollows people that don’t follow you back!  So, you set a time frame (I recommend a week) and if somebody that you follow doesn’t follow you back in a week – UNFOLLOW!  SO easy, so fantastic, and such a great way to build traction.

The only thing I’ll note, though, is that your content is of course key.  If you don’t share great content, people will start unfollowing you as well, and you won’t see the traffic to your website through Twitter that you’d like.

Give it a shot and let me know how this method works for you – I’d love feedback.  I have had great success with this method and would love to hear if it works for you.  My last suggestion – turn off email notifications from Twitter about new followers, because your inbox is about to BLOW UP!

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