Dropshipping – Where do I Find Suppliers?


After selecting a profitable niche for an ecommerce store, the next step is to deremine “Do I want to warehouse the products I am selling and distribute them, or should I work with a dropshipper?”  Of course, there are pros and cons to both approach.  In this post, I will discuss the proven process of finding quality and reliable dropship partners.  So, the question I often field next is – where do I start looking for these suppliers?  In this post, I will discuss a couple different methods that I have used and have found to be successful.


Where to Look

  • Paid Directories

    • Let me start by saying that there are a lot of garbage paid diretories out there for wholesale dropshippers.  If you just google search for ‘dropship wholesalers,’ a bunch of nice looking results will come up, but unfortunately, you will find most of them littered with negative reviews on ripoff report.  So, one paid directory that I have worked with and can personally recommend is Wordwide Brands.  It costs $300 for a lifetime membership, which is nice because in the scheme of things, 300 dollars is minimal.  They feature thousands of dropshippers in almost every single niche you can imagine, and the best part is that they tightly regulate what dropshippers can be featured, so every one is certified.  You know that you will not be working with a scam or BS company.  It is also a nice tool because you can simply browse through the directory to give yourself an idea of possible niches to go into.

    • If you’re looking to generate ideas for a dropshipping store, or just don’t want to have to spend too much time trying to find a legit company to work with, I definitely suggest Worldwide Brands.  The only downside is this – because this directory is readily available, it also means that other people are using these same suppliers and are saturating these niches.  I don’t really consider this terrible, though, because this also means that there is sufficient demand in the market.

  • Contact the manufacturer

    • This is a really nice place to start, and one that I have used multiple times over.  If you want to sell a certain product, just call the manufacturer and let them know that you are looking to sell their products, and they will be able to provide you with a list of wholesale distributors who carry their inventory.  So, just pick up the phone and call the manufacturer.

  • Google

    • Typically, wholesalers are not good at marketing.  For example, if you search for ‘pool cues’ the wholesalers that I use for gripbilliards.com will not show up on that first page.  So, you have to dig, deep into late pages of google to find these wholesalers.  They are there though and have websites, so it just takes patience.  They are not good at targeting keywords either, so sometimes you need to play with what you are searching for.

  • Last Resort

    • Order a product from the competition and see where it comes from.  I used this for Oil Lamps and it worked well.  I actually just called up my competition and asked them, and they gave away this information without thinking twice.

What to look for in a Wholesale Dropshipper

  • A good salesperson / account contact

    • I can usually determine if a wholesaler is a dud by how long it takes them to get back to my inquiry.  If you are going to be depending on a company to process your customers’ orders in a timely manner, than you do not want to have to worry about them not being proactive with emails and communication.  Also, you will end up relying on your account rep for product information.  For example, when I started selling oil lamps, I knew nothing about oil lamps.  So whenever I received a difficult customer question, I would just call up my sales rep at my dropshipper for assistance.

  • Easy order-taking systems

    • Some dropshippers use a website portal to process orders and some take them by email.  I personally suggest ones that use an online portal, just to ensure timely processing and that no orders go unnoticed.  You definitely don’t want to deal with a dropshipper, though, that doesn’t provide an easy method of submitting orders.

  • Accepting credit cards

    • You want to earn as many benefit points as you can from your company to allow for free flights and travel.  Make sure that whatever credit card you use is accepted by your dropshipper, so you can continue to build up those rewards!

  • Product images and descriptions

    • In order to build your store, you will need images and descriptions of all the products you are selling.  Since you are not physically going to be warehousing any of this product, you wholesaler needs to supply you with images and descriptions you can use for your store (descriptions aren’t completely necessary, but nice to have!)  High quality pictures from multiple angles is ideal!

  • Timely order shipments

    • My final suggestion is to just place an order with your new dropshipper and make sure that everything goes smoothly.  Make sure it arrives on time, is in a professional looking box, not broken, etc.

  • Can use your logo / brand name

    • And although this isn’t 100 percent necessary, you would ideally like to work with a dropshipper that will put your brand name on the shipping labels. It helps with validating the legitimacy of your brand.


There are a lot of garbage companies out there that try to make themselves look like legit dropship wholesalers.  Don’t buy into it without doing your research.  You don’t want to get in bed with a bad dropshipper, and not realize until you have already built your whole business around their inventory!


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