The Launch of My New Website – A Stab at Affiliate Earnings

As a reader of my blog, you know by now that I run a company called Blind Surprise – a subscription box that works with up-and-coming product designers, artists, and unique brands.  As part of our sourcing, we spend countless hours every month researching the internet for cool products to feature in our subscription box, and we only select 4 or 5 products monthly.  We have very specific needs – a product that fits in our 8x8x3 box that MSRPs for around $25.  Along the way, though, we find Read more [...]

Web Development – US vs India

Photo via Kenneth Lu on Flickr
When we first conceptualized Blind Surprise, the first step was to put our website idea down on paper.  We didn't really know how to start a subscription box company, but we figured web design was the place to start.  How we wanted the homepage to look and feel, where all the buttons were going to link to, and then we drew out the next 4 layers of the website.  It was time to hire a web development firm and get our store built.  I reached out to a colleague in web development who suggested a Read more [...]

Signs that it’s Time To Start a Business

Is it time for you to take that leap of faith?
I'm sure everybody can relate - you have friends that say things like "Hey - listen to this idea!" and spatter off a decent idea and then forget about it. And then occasionally, they'll see that idea come to fruition and come back with "They stole my idea!!! I told you that was a great idea!" There's a massive difference between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.  There's people that occasionally think of a neat idea and then move on with their life, and then there are those who constantly work Read more [...]

9 Unique and Successful Subscription Boxes

Photo Courtesy of Martin Fisch on Flickr
  Subscription eCommerce is the hottest new trend in online shopping.  People are absolutely obsessed with subscription mystery boxes, but this isn't a new fad.  You can look back decades and find popular 'of-the-month' clubs - cigars, peanuts, wines, you name it. But with this sector of eCommerce BOOMING, there are companies opening up all over the place offering different types of subscription box options, and the seemingly strangest boxes are doing really well!  This teaches us Read more [...]

3 Plugins You Need to Boost Your Email List

Email Box
Everybody working in online marketing knows that "the money is in the list." If you have a product you're looking to sell, or if you're making money through affiliate marketing, your email list is really your backbone. There are many strategies in place in regards to where you should put your email subscription box on your site, how you should phrase the offer, and what you should be giving away to your readers in order to capture their email address. Fortunately, there are other people, much Read more [...]

4 Reasons Why Subscription eCommerce Owners Love Life

Happy Subscription eComm Owner
Ecommerce is a wonderful thing.  You can start a business from your room, and sell products to people all around the world.  Imagine if you told you great grandfather that 50 years ago.  As I’ve mentioned previously, the route I took with my most recent eCommerce en-devour with Blind Surprise was the subscription eCommerce business model.  I knew it was hot, I knew many new businesses were popping up using this model, and I wanted to join the party. What I've learned is that subscription Read more [...]

7 Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic Today

Everybody involved in making money online knows that the key is always, always TRAFFIC.  You can have the best converting website in the world, with tons of up-sells and ways to make money, but if nobody is coming to your site, it's worthless.  On the flip side, if a million people a day are coming to your website, but it isn't converting at all, you also won't be making money - but altering your website to convert better is much easier than getting traffic to your site in the first place. Traffic Read more [...]