Why Kids Love Athletes

*For the sake of risking my reputation, I want to preface this story with the fact that I was on an airplane and no other movie to watch* I was watching the George Clooney movie 'In The Air' last week - in short, Clooney plays a character that travels around the country and companies hire him to conduct mass layoffs.  So, he goes into offices, and fires hundreds of people that he has never met, and tries his best to keep them under control. There's a scene in the movie where Clooney encounters Read more [...]

Why TODAY Is the Perfect Day to Start Your Online Business

If you’re reading this blog, you either have already started your own online business, or you’re in the process of considering it.  Since I started my first eCommerce venture, I’ve spoken to literally thousands of people about what I’m doing and my reasons behind it.  And as you would expect - I hear all sorts of feedback, ranging from how awesome it is to see my passion for my business, to responses that might as well say “alright you bum, you should probably stick to an 8-5 day Read more [...]

How to Get your First 1000 Twitter Followers

You've started a blog or online store, and know that social media is a tool you MUST utilize in order to gain traction and drive traffic to your website.  But, nobody is listening to you now.  You're tweeting, but only have friends and family following you, and even if they retweet your content to their 130 followers, woopdidoo!!!  That sure as hell isn't going to get your traffic where you need it. So, here is my method for building your twitter following - and it sure as hell works AND drives Read more [...]

How to Start a Blog in Under 30 Minutes for Under 30 Dollars

So, now your brain is flowing with ideas of what you want to blog about. All the information is bouncing around, and you want to start writing and sharing your knowledge! First, though, we have to get you a website and a blog so you can get started. This process, though, is really easy, and really cheap, and I will walk you through each step of this process. By the time you finish with this post, you will literally be able to publish your first blog post! Step 1 - Selecting a Website (Domain) Name Read more [...]