Affiliate Marketing – Scopes and Trends

With a boom in the e-commerce industry, there had been a great change in the way companies are marketing themselves. Affiliate marketing has also become very popular in the online marketing arena and nowadays affiliate marketing has become the main way of advertising the products through the affiliates. According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates Read more [...]

How I Grew My Email List from 0 to 700 in One Week

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I've been playing around with social media contests and tricks to grow my email list for months now.  I've read lots of blog posts, tons of advice from 'experts' explaining the best way to use Facebook to grow your email list.  I'm not somebody who looks to grow their email list with SEO (just too slow), and I didn't want to use any SoloAds (just because that all seems expensive and scammy to me).  I've spent WAY too much money trying to promote posts, run contests, and other ways to give money Read more [...]

The Best Social Plugin Ever

They say that for every post you write on your blog or website, you should spend triple the amount of time marketing the post as you do writing it.  This of course includes sharing it on all your social media pages, and sharing it on all the networks you're involved with in order to drive traffic. I've tried probably 20 or so social plugins to help optimize the time spent on sharing across all these platforms, and finally found one that is freaking awesome to use and saves me hours and hours Read more [...]

Signs that it’s Time To Start a Business

Is it time for you to take that leap of faith?
I'm sure everybody can relate - you have friends that say things like "Hey - listen to this idea!" and spatter off a decent idea and then forget about it. And then occasionally, they'll see that idea come to fruition and come back with "They stole my idea!!! I told you that was a great idea!" There's a massive difference between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.  There's people that occasionally think of a neat idea and then move on with their life, and then there are those who constantly work Read more [...]

How I Paid for my Vegas Trip in Vegas

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We were a couple of months into launching Blind Surprise.  The sales were a bit sluggish, and I was starting to think that my revenue goals for the month were starting to become unrealistic.  It was Monday, and on Wednesday I had a flight to Las Vegas to celebrate my brother and cousin's graduations.  But in order to really enjoy the trip, I figured that I had to come up with a great marketing plan for the weekend. We had been busting our ass for the first couple of months since launch, but Read more [...]

How to Kill Your Creativity and Energy

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I've seen it happen over and over again, and it continues to sadden me each and every time.  Heck - I was a victim and somebody was able to reincarnate my creativity, but it was a tough process that took a complete shift in perspective.  And the better the kid, the more it hurts me as a witness. The moment you leave college and start at a corporate job, the creativity starts to dwindle, and then it just falls off.  Unless you are working for a start up that encourages innovative thinking, you Read more [...]

6 Plugins that Every WordPress eCommerce Store Needs

Before building an eCommerce store on WordPress, I played with some fully-hosted options such as Shopify and Volusion - both which are fantastic options for starting online businesses.  At the end of the day, though, WordPress allows for the flexibility that a growing eCommerce business needs.  There are countless plugins built to help resolve issues with WordPress, or to help boost the visibility and functionality of your website. I put together a list of Must-Have WordPress plugins that every Read more [...]