The Best Social Plugin Ever


They say that for every post you write on your blog or website, you should spend triple the amount of time marketing the post as you do writing it.  This of course includes sharing it on all your social media pages, and sharing it on all the networks you’re involved with in order to drive traffic.

I’ve tried probably 20 or so social plugins to help optimize the time spent on sharing across all these platforms, and finally found one that is freaking awesome to use and saves me hours and hours every week.  It’s called Next Scripts – Social Networks Auto Poster.  Setting it up and using it is so simple, and then it functions like a charm (and is free, unless you want to share to multiple accounts on the same social platform).

As you publish a new post, you can set the plugin to automatically share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger/Blogspot, Delicious, and multiple other social networks immediately.  If you always want to include the same hashtags, adjust your settings and all your posts will use these hashtags.  If you want to make sure that it also includes your featured photo, no problem.


For my website featuring cool things to buy online, social sharing is imperative.  Right as I publish a post, the content is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon.  Using this plugin, all the aforementioned accounts are pretty loaded with content, and all I have to do is publish the posts on my WordPress blog.

I’d highly recommend checking it out – really is a beautifully easy to use plugin and will undoubtedly save you many hours.

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