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The Best Social Plugin Ever

They say that for every post you write on your blog or website, you should spend triple the amount of time marketing the post as you do writing it.  This of course includes sharing it on all your social media pages, and sharing it on all the networks you're involved with in order to drive traffic. I've tried probably 20 or so social plugins to help optimize the time spent on sharing across all these platforms, and finally found one that is freaking awesome to use and saves me hours and hours Read more [...]

The Launch of My New Website – A Stab at Affiliate Earnings

As a reader of my blog, you know by now that I run a company called Blind Surprise – a subscription box that works with up-and-coming product designers, artists, and unique brands.  As part of our sourcing, we spend countless hours every month researching the internet for cool products to feature in our subscription box, and we only select 4 or 5 products monthly.  We have very specific needs – a product that fits in our 8x8x3 box that MSRPs for around $25.  Along the way, though, we find Read more [...]

The Day I Quit My Job – A Reflection

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"I notice such a big difference in you since you told your work that you're leaving.  I think you handled it extremely well and I love seeing you so happy!" I received this text from my girlfriend a few days after I let everybody at my job know that I had plans to move out of town.  I didn't firestorm into my boss' office, slam down my laptop, and stomp my feet out the door.  Rather, I went out to lunch with my boss, told him that I planned to move out of town, and that I would stay at work Read more [...]

Web Development – US vs India

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When we first conceptualized Blind Surprise, the first step was to put our website idea down on paper.  We didn't really know how to start a subscription box company, but we figured web design was the place to start.  How we wanted the homepage to look and feel, where all the buttons were going to link to, and then we drew out the next 4 layers of the website.  It was time to hire a web development firm and get our store built.  I reached out to a colleague in web development who suggested a Read more [...]

Dealing with Problems – Starting a Subscription Box Company

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Click to navigate to questions & answers: How do I know how much inventory to stock? How should I handle returns and refunds? What should I do to ensure my inventory fits in my boxes? How can I determine if I'm dealing with a quality vendor before buying in mass? How should I handle customer service inquiries? How do I know how much inventory to stock? The great thing about starting a subscription box is that you are given the opportunity to determine how often you ship out boxes. Read more [...]

How to Start a Subscription Box Company

Click to navigate through questions and answers: How much does it cost to start a subscription box company? here can I build a website to get started? Where do I find vendors/suppliers for my subscription box? Who pays for the shipping costs of orders? How can I track orders to ensure they are getting to my customers once I ship? How do I handle fulfillment and distribution of subscription boxes? How much does it cost to start a subscription box company? With the subscription business Read more [...]

What is a Subscription Based Business?

Subscription Business
Jump to the questions and answers you're interested in: What is a subscription based business? What are the benefits of a subscription business? Can subscription boxes be profitable businesses? What profit margins can I expect with subscription boxes? What is a subscription based business? The subscription business model is one where companies acquire customers that pay for a service or product on a recurring basis; typically monthly or bi-monthly.  The concept is that the customers' lives Read more [...]