7 eCommerce Accounts you Must Follow on Twitter


Since it’s launch, Twitter has become an overwhelming web of content creators and sharers.  It gets to a point where your Twitter feed is so active and busy, great content is just passing by and getting lost in the mix of garbage you follow as well.  I wanted to go ahead and put together a list for all of us eCommerce buffs of accounts that are essential to follow in order to stay in the know, and never miss a beat on eCommerce hacks, trends, and news.  Check out these accounts, and add them to your Following list!

1. Andrew Youderian @youderian

Why Andrew made the list:

Andrew has had success building and selling various eCommerce websites.  Additionally, he runs a popular forum called eCommerceFuel that brings together successful and proven eCommerce professionals, and as a result, is very knowledgeable about the industry.


2.  Richard Lazazzera @RichardABLS

Why Richard made the list:

Richard runs a popular eCommerce blog called A Better Lemonade Stand.  He is an expert in determining what products to sell online, and sourcing effectively.


3.  Shabbir Nooruddin @BootstrapEcom

Why Shabbir made the list:

Shabbir has been learning and developing eCommerce businesses since a very young age.  He is an expert at developing eComm businesses on a thin budget, so I highly recommend following him if you are on the edge about starting an eComm business, but concerned about cost.


4.  Drew Sanocki @drewsanocki

Why Drew made the list:

Drew posts about growth hacks for eCommerce executives.  His most notable eCommerce business, Design Public, grew into a multimillion dollar business, which he sold.  He now works as an eComm consultant – and his sense of humor is pretty solid as well.


5.  Leighton Taylor @LeightonTaylor

Why Leighton made the list:

Leighton blogs frequently on EcommercePulse.com, and specializes in helping small business develop beautiful
websites.  He tweets frequently about eCommerce marketing and design tips and tricks.  I’ve personally found many of his hacks to be very useful.

6.  Steve Chou @mywifequit

Why Steve made the list:

Steve started an online business selling wedding linens on BumbleBeeLinens.com, and make over 100K the first year.  He now posts about different methods of building eCommerce businesses, and runs a podcast where we frequently interviews other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs.

7.  Billy Murphy @BillyMurph

Why Billy made the list:

Billy build himself a nice portfolio by flipping eCommerce businesses.  Mostly, his methods are unorthodox, and he has build a strong portfolio of eCommerce business using brokers and purchasing stores other people thought were worthless.


Who else do you follow?

I know there are tons of other great Twitter accounts out there for eCommerce professionals – so who else do you suggest?  Let me know so we can all stay in the loop!

Photo courtesy of Matt Brown on Flickr

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  1. Shabbir

    Thank you for including me on the list!


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