3 Plugins You Need to Boost Your Email List

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Everybody working in online marketing knows that “the money is in the list.” If you have a product you’re looking to sell, or if you’re making money through affiliate marketing, your email list is really your backbone.

There are many strategies in place in regards to where you should put your email subscription box on your site, how you should phrase the offer, and what you should be giving away to your readers in order to capture their email address. Fortunately, there are other people, much smarter than myself, that have built really nice plugins to help take advantage of every visitor to your website, and obtain as many email addresses as possible.

Three Plugins You Need to Boost Your Email List

1.  Pippity

It’s key to be aggressive when trying to get emails.  If you sign up form is a small box far below the fold on your website, people will literally have to search your site in order to find your email list.  That sucks, because you really want to make it as easy as possible to sign up, and be right in front of your readers.  Pippity allows you to easily create beautiful popups on your website to capture emails, and can EASILY be integrated with any email autoresponder.  I personally use their popup on this website, and integrate it with my Aweber account – piece of cake.


2. HelloBar

You’ll see HelloBar on tons of blogs once you start keeping your eye out for it.  It’s that little bar on the very top of this screen now.  There’s two ways to use HelloBar – you can use it to direct traffic to a specific webpage, like you see me doing on this site, OR you can use it to capture email addresses like we do on Blind Surprise.  It’s free and super easy to setup as well.

3. OptinSkin

OptinSkin is so popular because of it’s versatility.  You probably see OptinSkin on most blogs that you read, as a matter of fact.  They allow you to create opt-in forms for nearly anywhere on your website, easily.  Side bar, end of post, above the fold, etc.  Here are just a couple examples of opt-in forms created by OptinSkin.



The biggest regret I have over at Blind Surprise is that we didn’t start collecting emails sooner.  So no matter what form of eCommerce you are in, whether it is blogging, subscription eCommerce, really anything, your email list is really important.  So don’t regret not starting today.

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