7 Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic Today


Everybody involved in making money online knows that the key is always, always TRAFFIC.  You can have the best converting website in the world, with tons of up-sells and ways to make money, but if nobody is coming to your site, it’s worthless.  On the flip side, if a million people a day are coming to your website, but it isn’t converting at all, you also won’t be making money – but altering your website to convert better is much easier than getting traffic to your site in the first place.


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Traffic is your business’ bread and butter – and when you get started, it can be super frustrating to watch your analytics flat line.  Here are 11 ways to start improving your website traffic and see results TODAY.  SEO strategies can take months and months to pay off – these tips will show you immediate boosts.

1. Reddit

Reddit’s one of the internet’s most popular forums.  Millions of people daily go on and chat about topics that their interested in and look for new content.  I’ve shared posts on Reddit before, and seen unbelievable spikes in traffic.  You have to be careful when posting on reddit though – each subreddit has it’s own rules that you need to abide by, or else your post will get taken down.  Post infrequently, and make sure that when you do, you aren’t just posting “hey – check out my site!” but rather trying to engage conversation and get people involved.  If you just make it look like you’re advertising your site, it’ll get taken down.

2.  StumbleUpon

Stumble can be one of the best tools to drive immediate and long term traffic to your website.  Or, if what your sharing sucks, it can be useless.  Here is what I’ve learned – all it takes is for 1 popular person to stumble your submission, and it can go mini-viral.  Blog posts are what gets shared on Stumble, so you need to make sure to have a blog on your website, and write new content and share it.  Here are some tips about posts I’ve written that have received tons of stumble traffic:  Around Christmas, I wrote a post about unique Christmas gifts.  Around Mother’s Day, the same thing.

3.  Blog Post Comments

If I’m dying for traffic, I’ll spend an hour or so going through popular blogs in my niche, and leaving relevant comments on recent blog posts that people are still reading.  So for example, if a popular blogger just wrote a post, and people are reading it frequently, I’ll go onto the post, leave a thoughtful comment, and sign the post with my name / http://NeverJobHunt.com – this helps create back links and also stirs up some traffic.

4.  Giveaway/Contest

Whenever Blind Surprise is in a bit of a lull, we will use this technique.  Essentially, we create some sort of giveaway – a small gift – and post about it on Facebook and Twitter.  The way that people enter the contest is by sharing the post on Facebook or reTweeting it on Twitter.  Word spreads fast, and traffic picks up.  We typically also advertise some sort of coupon code on the posts so that people are enticed to make a purchase.

5.  Affiliate Program

I’ve urged you guys to setup affiliate programs in previous posts, but will reiterate it here. Setting up an affiliate program can be a fantastic way to start generating traffic and revenue.  People will be enticed to share your website on their popular blogs, with the idea that they will make a percentage of the sales they generate.  Of course, since you have to pay out an affiliate fee, margins are thinner, but revenue is better than nothing.

6.  Post sharing

The idea is simple – reach out to other companies that are associated with your niche, and let them know that you will write a post on your blog and social media about their business in exchange for them returning the favor.  Essentially, their entire following will see a post about your business, as well as a link.  As long as you are posting positive points about each other, it can be very beneficial – and it is a strong back link, depending on the company you’re working with.

7.  Niche Directories

This will not drive traffic immediately, but will help build sustainable long term traffic, and I think it is one of the easiest methods.  If you’re selling hats for example, I’m sure there are tons of directories online that sell cool hats – so reach out to them to feature your product.  For Blind Surprise, we are listed on probably 30 websites that have lists of subscription boxes, and the traffic that we receive from each varies, but it makes up a sizable percent of our traffic.

Looking at your analytics is depressing when nobody is coming to your website.  No eComm business can thrive without traffic – it’s our lifeblood.  So go ahead and take advantage of these quick methods of driving traffic.  Any others you want to suggest?


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